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Website Design

simply fine design

Choosing a web design company can be a challenge.That’s
why we developed a flexible and helpful design process that
is simple, clear, and fast. Our clients are important to us and
we make every effort to help you with your new orexisting

Custom Website Design
We create our websites from scratch using the
best design techniques in the business. Our
designs use the finest elements of typography, usability, optimization, and colour profiles.

Beautiful Graphic Design
Our graphic designs are custom-made and will
scale without distortion across web and print.
We always supply you with the original
Photoshop or Illustrator files.

Using Nature to Build your Colour Profile
In nature, colours are well-balanced. Our colour
palettes are built around photographs and colours
from nature ─ it’s the stepping stone to building
your corporate colour profile. Nature-based
colours have a timeless quality.

Valid CSS/XHTML, Usability, Wordpress Rockstars
We code valid CSS and XHTML. This helps your
website on many levels ─ it loads faster, is
understood by search engine spiders, works in all

Logo Design

simply fine design

One of the most important first steps in developing an
identity for your company is crafting a logo. Our logo design
process is simple and highly creative. We brainstorm with
you and carefully listen to everything you have to say.
We care about every detail.

Branding Your Business
Creating a brand is really about creating a
message that you will share with your customers. We’ll work with you to define your message and
from there we’ll create your identity website, logo,
and print.

Green Branding
We love working with eco-conscious companies.
This is one of the fastest-growing markets in the
world as people become more aware and
concerned about what they purchase.

Bright Concepts
Designing and coding your site are just a small
part of the development process. The main hurdle
to overcome is finding that clear business concept.
This ignites the whole process.

Scalable Vectors
We use vector graphics for all of our logo designs.
Scalable vectors are used to put your logo on a
business card, the side of a building, and on a
website without losing sharpness or shape.

Branding & Identity

simply fine design

Creating an effective brand is something that requires experience. The design and marketing company you work with need to ask the right questions in order to get the right concept. By working with us, you will be tapping into years of experience in creating unique brand identities for our clients. Your dream is our reality. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Who Are You?
Customers will develop an opinion of your brand
within the first few seconds of viewing it. Make it
the right impression. We can help you find the
precise message to clearly speak to who you are
as a company. It’s the most important three
seconds of your business life.

Long-term Brand Recognition
We like to think long-term. Where will your
company be in the next two to five years? What
about five to ten years? We can help you develop
a brand that will upscale from a startup to a
more complete corporate identity.

Consistency Across the Board
We’ll create a corporate colour palette that will
extend across your entire brand. From web to
print to package design and advertising, your
clients will recognize your company by the visual
impressions you make.


simply fine design

Usability incorporates a wide range of web experience
elements, from the way the customer’s eyes glance through
your site design, to the ease of navigating your site, to valid
CSS and XHTML for fast loading pages and fast duplication
of pages and content changes and SEO. All of these
elements combined create a user-friendly experience.

Flow is how customers navigate your website. You
can only discover this by tracking every click of
every user. We’ll set up software to track user
flow so we can modify your layout to maximize
your sales. We’ll arrange your content to maximize
the click-through to your most important page.

Click Through
We will arrange your content to maximize the clicks
through to your highest return product or most
important page.

The most important aspect of designing for the
future use of your site is to build your site to allow
for additions to your site without having to redesign.

User Experience
User experience starts with the first impression of
your site. From the colours, to the message, to the
layout and scale, we create great user experiences
and return visitors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

simply fine design

SEO is a highly diverse and complex process that starts
with good, descriptive content. We use keyword analysis,
valid CSS and XHTML, then move to link building and
Google Adwords Campaigns.

Google Rank
Does your website lags way behind in pages of search engine results?will quickly get your site ranked.

Internet Marketing and Advertising
Ask us how we can help you reach a wide range of
potential customers and gain rank with Google.

Adword Keyword Campaign
We’ll help you set up a keyword campaign to help
your ranking with Google.

Keyword Optimization
Keyword optimized content is important. We’ll help
you write content that is clear and
search-engine-spider friendly.

Graphic Illustrations

simply fine design

One of the top reasons people come to us is to create a
great looking graphic image for their site. We have years of
experience in Illustrator and Photoshop and can help you
create a simple and effective identity header image.

Scalable Across Web and Print
Our illustrations are made using vectors so our
logo and print designs scale to any size without
compromising quality. You will own all the rights
to the original illustration file.

Crisp Graphics for Web
Though experience we have created an effective
process to save your images to the web so that
they are true to your colours, sharp and crisp
around the edges, and very fast loading. Expect
that process from us for any image made for the

Custom Icon Design for the Web
Our creative design process allows us to start
from a blank page, and quickly move to the
final product by email correspondence. We will
send you up to 7 rough drafts as jogs for review
and comment before we finalize the logo.


simply fine design

The reasons to use valid CSS and XHTML are many. From
fast load times of your website, to SEO of your code, to
easy of use, to fast and easy updates to your site, to the
ability for disabled people and mobil user to access your
site properly, to working on all browsers and future
proofing your investment.

Halt Inspired Design
One of the main reasons we use CSS is to have
the ability to quickly update and modify your website
layout to optimize user experience and product

Web Standard Compliant
We always produce standard compliant CSS and
XHTML. We work with many backend developers
and programmers to make sure your code is
tested across many platforms.

Fast Loading Websites
Studies have found that most people won’t wait
more than 4-5 seconds for a page to load before
leaving a website. We make sure
this doesn’t happen.

Cross Browser Usability
The code we produce is tested across all modern
browsers for compatibility.

Print Design

simply fine design

We work with a few eco-friendly printers around the world.
Our main focus with print is to create stunning business
cards on quality stock derived from recycled paper.
Brochure designs, print advertisement graphics, business
card designs, and product print design are some of
the things we create.

Promoting Your Business
Have professional business cards on hand. Our
print design gurus will work with your printer of
choice to produce the highest quality prints..

We have years of experience creating business
flyers and brochures. From flyers to local business
print material we can help your business grow.

Business Card Design
We design unique and creative business cards.
We extend your corporate colour palette to your
business cards to complete your brand identity.

Outdoor Advertising
Our print graphics easily scale to handle large print
advertising campaigns and street level billboards.


simply fine design

We have a team of wordpress designers and developers
that can take your website to the next level. If you can
dream it we can make it happen. View a very basic
list of wordpress design and development services at right.

Wordpress Design
Custom wordpress blog designs with the newest
functionality. View our portfolio for more examples
of our wordpress designs.

Valid Wordpress Coding
We focus on usability and fast loading with all our
wordpress designs. Our wordpress code is
optimized for all modern browsers.

Wordpress Theme
We can create wordpress templates for your
business, social media site, e-commerce or blog.
Easily generate dynamic site content on the fly.

Subcriptions and Social Network Integration
We use a variety of custom wordpress plug-ins to
expand the functionality of your site. Including social
network integration, SEO titles, WP-Cache, and
many others.

Hosting & Web maintenance

simply fine design

Web Hosting plays a vital role in managing your Website and email functionality which is critical for the corporate identity of our customers.Our Web hosting servers in usa offers a reliable solution to maximize the efficiency of your Website. Halt has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals.

24 Hours Support
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
and invite you to contact us for all your webhosting
technical inquiries

We like to think long-term. Where will your
company be in the next two to five years? What
about five to ten years?

Online Support
Online support is available every time. So, people
can acquire the support of a technician anytime
without worrying about the holiday or weekend

Events Organizer

simply fine design

Our facility and event management system is used in a broad spectrum of facilities including Arenas, Convention Centers, Coliseums, Performing Arts Centers, Universities, Museums, Churches, Hospitals, and Businesses. our state-of-the-art facility and event management system has been helping facilities schedule events and manage the work in their organizations.

media Events
One of the easiest ways for your company to
receive free media exposure is through media

Event's purpose
What do you want to get from the event? For eg:
do you want to organize the event to enhance your
company's brand image, to increase company's
sales, to promote your client's products/services
or to promote a social cause etc.

Event Objectives
Defining event objectives at the very start of event
planning is very important as it gives you the
direction in which you should proceed to accomplish
your objectives. Organizing an event without clear objectives is a huge waste of both time and resources.

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